The World Cup is now upon us and we have already experienced some fantastic skill and goals from players from all over the globe as the tournament unfolds in Brazil.

At the heart of every top team is a captain who leads from the front and inspires his team-mates onto glory, Captain Morgan is no different and has been getting in on the football fever which is currently sweeping across the world.

Captain Morgan has challenged his crew to push the official World Cup ball to its limits in a whole host of experiments, even going as far as firing the ball out of an old 17th century cannon – how different is that!

The clip below shows exactly what the captain and his crew got up to on the beach, our favourite part has to be what happens to a certain wooden seagull who has decided to perch himself on top of the crossbar, that’s worth watching alone.

Neymar and his Brazilian team-mates have already shown us their skill in the world’s biggest football tournament, but the Captain’s crew certainly have some silky ball skills of their own when put to the test – the official World Cup ball is not wasted at their feet.
The ball is tested for swerve, power and accuracy – everything a top striker expects from a ball when bearing down on goal with just the goalkeeper to beat on their way to World Cup glory.

One thing is for sure, Captain Morgan and his crew are certainly world class.

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