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We start the list with Hugo Viana, who was brought to Newcastle at the age of 19 and had a reputation as one of the brightest talents in Portugal. However, the centre midfielder failed to produce the type of performances that warranted his near-£10m price tag and was eventually sold to Spanish side Valencia – where he flopped equally. Still only 30 and now back in his homeland playing for Braga, Viana seems like a player who can only produce the goods in his home country, perhaps the reasoning behind his 29 appearances for his country. During his injury-hit stay on Tyneside, Viana managed four goals for Newcastle, including two in the UEFA Cup. There is no doubt that since moving back to Portugal, Viana has proved himself to be a good player but just failed to cut it in the Premier League, therefore earning himself a place at #10 on this list.

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    Graeme Souness was responsible for some AWFUL signings at our club, but at the time I thought Owen was a great signing. How wrong was i !!

  2. toonnow

    While this players list may be true the real problem is the worst managers (Pardew included) we have signed who are responsible for the player signings (Keegan excluded) and team tactics.

  3. worryem

    I was getting worried that you'd forgotten Boumsong, but there he is No 9, Well remember Given screaming at him to mark the player in the blue shirt in case Msr B didnt recognise the opposition. However I think you ate too unkind – to schoolboys. Wot a joke he was. And he got £half million signing on fee on top of his wages. Rangers fans are still laughing.

  4. toonnow

    Anyone know how many goals we have got from corners since Pardew arrived please? I really would like to know

  5. Cuse

    Viana? Really? I thought he was OK for at least a season and a half.

    Cacapa, Marcelino and Luque are definite. Utter duck-eggs. Boumsong was just out of his depth, poor lad.

    And Owen?

    i just never liked him. Wasn't a bad signing – just a loathful, hateful player.

  6. Lewis

    No xisco or Stephane Guivarc'h??? These would be in the top 3 worst signings in my eyes


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