Newcastle United’s main shirt sponsor Wonga has been ordered to pay back £2.6m to its customers after it was revealed that the payday loan company used fake law companies to send bullying letters to lenders who were behind on their repayments.

The amount is hardly damaging to Wonga, whose revenue stands at hundreds of millions, but Newcastle may now rethink their contract with their shirt sponsor.

The Magpies have came in for plenty of criticism for choosing Wonga as their main sponsor, due to its controversial money-making schemes. The company loans money to already struggling customers and charges huge interest rates when repaying.

Wonga has been Newcastle’s main sponsor for a year and almost caused Toon striker Papiss Cisse to boycott the club when the sponsor was announced. Cisse is a Muslim and as part of his religion, any association with gambling or loan companies is frowned upon. The former Freiburg striker wanted to wear a special shirt with no sponsor but after consulting with religious bodies, Cisse came to an agreement and wore the branded shirt last season.

A move away from Wonga would certainly please most fans, although any move to another company may see St James’ Park renamed again as Wonga bought both the stadium naming rights as well as the shirt sponsorship.


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  1. Muslim when it suits

    Let’s be honest though. As much as Wonga is horrible, Cisse’s climbdown last season only came about because someone released a picture of him in a casino.

    And Islam frowns on interest charged, not the fact that wonga’s APR is 4000%. Northern Rock/Virgin Money charge interest on their loans as far as I know and I didn’t hear a peep from him wearing those shirts?

    He tried to engineer a move away, but just used Wonga as the excuse.

    Can’t really see Mike Ashley, the zero hour contract enthusiast who left Pardew in charge after pushing a linesman and head-butting an opposition player being too bothered personally.


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