Newcastle fans are begging for their team to start prioritising the cups and if ever there was a chance to win it, this could be the year.
If we were to beat Crystal Palace tonight, which we should, we would be left in the cup with only 8 other Premier League teams. That’s assuming that all the other premier league teams win tonight, which may not happen. That gives us a 50% chance of getting a team from the lower leagues in the quarter final.
Understandably Newcastle fans are probably sick of hearing about the cups as we’ve had a shocking time in them over the years, the last time we got past the 4th round was 2006. However, Pardew did say Europe was the aim at the start of the season and although it’s early on, our league form doesn’t look like it will get us a European place. Therefore either of the cups would be our best bet.
Another huge incentive to go through tonight is that many of the premier league sides are mid table sides. Swansea, Stoke, Southampton and West Brom/Hull are those teams. Although it is very much doom and gloom at Newcastle at the moment we all know we are capable of beating all of these sides.
After Sunderland reached the final of the league cup last year many Newcastle fans stated they would have rather had Sunderland’s season over ours. They suffered relegation form all season apart from the last 8 games, easily beat us in the derby twice and reached a cup final. Compared to our season of an average 10th place finish. Although I don’t believe Sunderland had the better season, it’s easy to see why people do.
The only thing that would possibly stop us from going on a cup run is that there simply isn’t as much money in the League Cup as there is in the Premier League, and that seems to be all Newcastle are playing for at the moment.
Either way, we are due a cup run so it’s bound to happen sometime soon. Hopefully anyway.