Bonjour! This is my opening blog to what I hope is the start of something that I will enjoy to write and something I hope my fellow Newcastle fans will enjoy reading. Bonjour was picked for my opening statement inspired by our wonderful French athletes who we all hope fill serve us for the foreseeable future.

My overall experience of Newcastle United has been marvellous experience. Having something to look forward to every week is something everyone should have, and an opinion all sports fans will agree with. The Olympics this year have shown the world how this country of ours, love people who give the fans everything. An example being the rower who was unable to walk after his efforts and has been engraved into my memory as someone who cared so much about his sport, and this is something I feel our team does week in week out with the odd exception.

Heart is something I am proud of at Newcastle United and the players have given us fans so much since our collapse of 2009 and long may this effort continue. I remember the day I fell in love with my team and that would be the 1st match I saw at St. James, which was a 2:2 draw against Manchester United in 2007 on New Year’s Day. The atmosphere was electric and it is something I will never forget. Everyone has their favourite memory of the team and mine isn’t a particularly special one but it is the one I will always remember.

Obviously there have been better games and better memories but I was not at the 4-4 Arsenal game nor the Barcelona games or 5under1and and with the impending season almost upon us I cannot wait to see our lads perform again. Newcastle United is not my hobby it is something I would rank as high as religion for myself and I hope readers of this article will also enjoy other things I will write. For now I finish and say HWTL (Haway The Lads).

By Jamie Lui

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