By Chief Sports Writer, Marley Anderson

Newcastle United have been gazumped by Queens Park Rangers in the race for Loic Remy, as the Marseille striker opts to join the Premier League’s bottom club over the Magpies.

Marseille agreed a fee with Newcastle for Remy and the forward was jetting to Newcastle to thrash out personal terms, only for QPR to throw ridiculous wages into the equation and lure Remy down to London.

The striker had previously refused to speak to QPR, but with Tony Fernandes and Harry Redknapp reportedly set to offer in the region of £80,000 a week, Remy’s eyes lit up and he didn’t show for talks on Tyneside.

Alan Pardew was offering around £40,000 per week for Remy’s services and the striker was happy to join before the R’s stupendous wage offer changed everything.

At the time of writing, the deal is still not fully concluded but it would seem Newcastle are set to move on to other targets quickly, as the Remy deal has angered the Club’s hierarchy.

Ajax Captain Siem De Jong seems to be the new number one target and is being linked with a £9m move, although talks are very much in the early stages and any deal will take time to be concluded.

Newcastle fans are understandably annoyed at Remy’s money-grabbing efforts but in truth they look to have dodged a bullet. The Club has put behind them the days of throwing money at players and hoping they come up trumps and now operate on a much more secure strategy, which ultimately led to QPR hijacking the Remy deal.

If reports are true, then Remy could earn in the region of £2m in wages alone before the summer and if QPR go down, any club is free to meet a relegation release clause in his contract.

The deal signifies QPR’s ridiculous business strategy and willingness to pay unproven players massive wages in the hope that they are up for a relegation scrap. Given Remy’s lack of form and questionable attitude, the Toon Army are preparing themselves for a laugh when Remy and co. are looking for a way out of Loftus Road when being faced with Championship football next season.

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  1. Maggies

    I think QPR are now a bigger team than us now and will go on to stay up this year. It helps to be in London.

  2. JP

    Typical Redknapp really! If £££’s mean so much to a player then I’d genuinely rather them not be here because they clearly don’t care that much. Don’t get me wrong, I’d leave my job for one that pays better but it’s a bit different when he would have been on astronomical wages at Newcastle anyway. I hope he gets relegated with QPR, Harry will walk away with the Sun still kissing his feet and parity will be restored. I just hope Newcastle don’t join them in the championship. Lets see if we’ve learnt from past failures and got ourselves a plan B, C, D etc. plus does anybody remember Pardew’s interview on the 8th December where he said any player leaving in January would be replaced by two? How’s that looking?


    just another money grabberQPR welcome to him untill you GO DOWN.
    our players need to start fighting for the club and not a excose to jump ship.
    as a long NUFC FAN, i am anoyed how long it takes us to get any one,by all means no silly price or WAGES.

  4. Sir Les

    I'm a QPR fan and i feel for Newcastle Fans who are decent fans that support their local team, the money side of the EPL is killing the game Jose Bosingwa from Chelsea 90 Grand per Week what a waste of space he could just turn out to be another crap player, Don't be angry the most important players are the players who want to play for our clubs over money.

  5. craig chisholm

    This player is not what naffs me off…. its our club and how pathetic we are at doing any business in the transfer market. Worse than pathetic and ran by a bunch of ametuer wide boys. We have all known Ba was on a knife edge for leaving for ages.. so any normal club would have had a plan A and B all in place and ready to kick in within an instant. At least ba left on first day or so of the window. What excuses will club come up with for not sorting out a lopsided team in this window… ? We tried our best but just couldnt get them over the line….we just ran out of time… .january is hard time to buy anyone….the players just were not available……we cant compete with anyone in the premiership on money – cos we want to keep it all…. ZZZzzzzzzzz ffs…………

  6. andy

    Once again harry redknapp has dicked us good and proper, first he lets everyone know about demba ba’s release clause which resulted in him leaving to go to chelsea, and now he has no professional courtesy and fucks us once again by hijacking loic remy. Only good thing is that now we know all loic remy cares about is money and we dont want players like tha.

  7. Alan

    While there is no doubt this French "ace" is nothing but a mercenary, Newcastle are lucky they didnt get this Marseille trouble maker. Consider the number of his starts and his goal production, who in their right mind would pay 80,000 quid a week for such an unproven player. What a shambles of a business model ! "If I'm honest" Pardew you should give young Campbell a proper run

  8. Kevin Fox

    Why do we take forever and a day to get the job done. Every man and his dog seem to know our business and where we are in the progress of the deal before its done and it leaves us open to get gazumped. We should have expected this any way.

    I am more concerned obout the bigger picture and think there are big problems behind the scenes and the camp is not as happy as Alan Pardew portrays or would have us beleive

    I think this is going to be the pattern as long as the present management (Owners) are at the helm and sadly the will the best supporters in the World have to suffer this, but then the Owners already know this dont they and will carry on regardless of the supporters thoughts or feelings

  9. toon kk

    Its such a shame how this club is going, perhaps they would be better off in the championship its clear the board haven't a clue and have no ambition. At least in the championship they can run the club on the cheep. Newcastle fans love this club spend there money to see them play, all we want is something in return by showing us some intent. Its been one thing after another since MA took over. WHAT A JOKE. No wonder player wont come and want out.

  10. Jezz

    I'm a big QPR fan and go to a lot of games. If this article is true, I think you lot have dodged a bullet with this fella.
    From what I hear he's been awful all season anyway, so your best off without him. We are unfortunately in a right old hole and we are having to offer silly money, with silly get out clauses to attract this type of mercanary.

    It digusts me that he would'nt even turn up for a metting having agreed term with you and then u turns as soon to us, as we show him the £££ after saying he didn't want to join us a week ago.

    A big club we aren't but Tony Fernandes is trying very hard to put us on the map but this guy along with M'Villa seem to have no interest in playing for us. I hope we don't sign either of them.

  11. sammy d

    If this offer is true then tony fernandez wants his head looking at.To gamble a €10 million transfer fee is madness and £80000 a week for someone who has scored three goals this season mental.When TF looses interest QPR will be in the fourth division or out of business.

  12. Salim

    Don't care who he is as long as he has a good scoring record. Remy apparently wasn't all that but preferred to his ability to adapt on the wing. Whether we can get someone in with a similar mould remains to be seen, but we need someone in fast and quick, hopefully in-time for the Reading game.


    greed from the player and stupidity from qpr they could end up been the next PORTSMOUTH but have doubt,s about lambias getting deals done and we end up with no striker in this transfer window hope am proved wrong.

  14. Mick Beaman

    Please, please; you have him. The deal offered sounds dopey and pushes us one more step towards insolvency. We have enough overpaid mercenaries as it is. (From a QPR fan).

  15. southern fan

    Do we need a striker like that out for himself and doesn’t really give a shit about the club and cause and just out to get as much as he can if it was down pure football why would you choose to play in front of 25,000 flaky fans when you could play in front of 50,000 hard core fans I think that says it all really we need more players like cabaye,Ben arfa ,Jonas ,Steven Taylor who want to give their all for club and fans

  16. ben gordie1 lockey

    We don’t want remy 1 goal in 2012! Much better players for 10m. Ashley has millions stop being greedy help us out!!!!!

    • Szalenik

      I am not a big fan of Ashley, but if the rumours are beleived he did offer to make Remy the highest paid player at the club. My understanding is that the offers were not too far apart.

  17. steve

    Whilst disappointed that we've missed our No.1 target (yet again) looking at the stats supplied by talksport it appears that Remy scores 90% of his goals against lesser teams, In hindsight this could end up being a blessing in disguise. We need someone who can score goals against anyone (giving adequate service) and that has to be paramount in our search criteria.
    Surely Graham Carr has been to other places than France, because we need to act fast before its too late, I see Siem de Jong of Ajax is being mentioned, surely we need an out and out striker/goal scorer not an attacking midfielder who scores goals.
    We are in a desperate position due to inactivity from our owner and need this sorted /asap or we will go down (again)

  18. mark

    Would be interested to know how QPR fans feel about "ARRY" throwing money around again at a smaller club i.e. fanbase and crowd size as for as income goes, when you consider what has happened to Pompey and the reason he was booted out of Spurs.

    • Szalenik

      Would be interesting to know the feelings of Qpr fans, but they are hard to find. In terms of money though, I beleive that based on the owners wealth, QPR are the worlds second richest club. They have plenty to throw around. Credit to them though in that they have not gone the route of City or Chelski. New stadium planned, new training facilities, new scouting network academy etc….

  19. terry

    been qpr fan for 50 years cant belive the rubbish they have bought players on sillt money who got no passion in the club iwatch all my life bring back neil warnock bought players who workhard and want to play foot ball

    • Novocastrians

      Players who work hard and want to play football ? Sorry mate sounds like the Championship 🙁

  20. nastynorm

    pleased hes gone 2 crap qpr, hes not the type of player we need hes just after money,we shud go 4 tom huddleston 2 beef up our poor midfield ,danny graham shud cum in 2 replace the ineffective obertan or useless guttierrez then theres the centre half i wud get hangeland from fulham as a stop gap 4 now & a decent cf not sure who though mayb hooper from celtic, heres hopin qpr go down & no 1 wants him

  21. michael sanderson

    Remy's actions speak louder than words, personally i wasnt convinced about his qualities. Why arent we moving for consistant goalscorers proven at Premiership level. There is a guy available out there who has a great work ethic, natural goalscorer, and more importantly cares for the club…Danny Graham

  22. Novocastrians

    Our nummer one target ? , that makes us a joke man, unproven crap to replace demba , we are desperate and rightly so our transfer policy is à joke if we want to be treated like à big club then we have to stop behaving like a division two club

  23. Malcolm

    Footballers disgust me most earn in a week what the rest of us earn in 12 months they are all just money grabbing mercenaries

  24. Kevin

    Typical of who we are now. Cant blame him for thw aledgedl money thrown at him
    Alan Sheare is bang is bang on, if you want it (players) you have to splash it (money)


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