I was away for a few days this week but managed to watch the Everton game on television. I have to say that in the first half especially, the men in blue were a joy to watch as they ripped us apart with slick passing and superb off the ball movement. Everyone in their team seemed to want the ball. They worked for each other and it no wonder that the “all the lads and lasses there, they all had smilin’ faces” but, alas, only those supporting Everton.

On our side, I was moved but the picture on one young lad with his head buried in his father’s chest, expression forlorn as if his whole world had fallen apart. Perhaps the members of the team along with the management should hold that picture in their mind and, like us, reflect on what the hell is going on!

As I relaxed during my short break in a warm and green West Gloucestershire, I couldn’t stop thinking about that very question. After all, on paper you could argue that, with a few exceptions, we have on paper better players that Everton but for the first half hour they seemed to be wondering where the picnic was and not where the ball was to be won. It was only when we were two goals down that one or two thought they had better show a bit more commitment. Although the introduction of Cabaye heralded an improvement in the second half it was a game that we never looked like getting anything from and it left me saddened and confused.

One has to start at the top and one can only assume that all is not well. It is not a happy ship and the manager’s position has been undermined not least by the appointment of JFK. It is obvious to anyone with an ounce of perception that Mile Pardew looks bewildered, miserable and demotivated. How then can we expect him to motivate the team? As for the players, I get the impression that most of them feel that it is privilege for Newcastle to have them on the books rather than it being a privilege for them to be playing in our legendary Black and White stripes.

We will all have opinions on what needs to be done but what will be done? Well, if we can stay away from the relegation zone the answer is probably nothing. Mid-table seems to be the clubs level of ambition for the season. If we look as if we are in serious trouble, Ashley will bite the bullet, sack Pardew and pay his compensation. Alternatively, personal pride may finally overcome financial security and Pardew will resign. Unfortunately, that in itself may not help the fans stuck with a club that lacks footballing ambition and that has too many foreign players who see us as just another job or a stepping stone to greater things.


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  1. borris

    As a non-newcastle fan, (Spurs as it goes) I couldnt belive you got that idiot joe kinear back! – Pards is a funny one, seems to do a reasonable job most places but also has some bad marks against his record too.

    I do genuinely feel bad for newcastle fans. Maybe there wont be any real improvement until a long term approach is taken, but that of course, takes time and thought, and unfortunately, Mike Ashley and Joe 'johan kebab' Kinnear do not strike me as deep thinkers.


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