Steven Taylor - Newcastle United News

Newcastle defender Steven Taylor admits Stoke are the last team he wants to face with a mask protecting his broken nose.

The central defender will wear facial protection this evening to protect his nose which he broke last week.

With Stoke’s reputation as a long-ball, no nonsence team – Taylor will have his work cut out.

He told the Mirror: “Stoke probably aren’t the ideal side to play against in a mask because I’m sure there will be a lot of heading to do.

“Shola Ameobi had to wear a mask last year. He said I’ll soon get used to it and I’m sure I’ll forget it when the game starts.

“Stoke will give us a great physical match and we’ll give it our best shot.

“I’ve just got to forget the nose, as it’s fixed now, and focus on my game.

“With the way things have been going here, nobody wants to be missing any matches.”