The Premier League, just like life, is a dog eat dog world. You adapt, or you die. In football terms this means you have to keep up with what others are doing around you, and in the case of this transfer window, that means make signings. As of yet, Newcastle have not made a single senior signing while the rest of the league, with the exception of Manchester United and Arsenal, have strengthened to varying degrees. What is most worrying, is that the teams closest to us in the table (Norwich, Sunderland, West Brom et al) have strengthened considerably, while we have actually trimmed our squad by selling Perch, Simpson and Harper.

Of course we must factor in that we no longer have the dreaded Europa League to contend with, (who wants European football anyway) and we have hired a shiny new fitness guru to cope with our injury crisis, and while this should ensure that we don’t suffer with injuries to the same extent this season, it is hardly enough in the way of progress for a team that finished 16th last season.

I am of the opinion that the main problem last season was our shortage of goals, as well as our inability to consistently create chances for Cisse. Therefore, I believed that we needed to sign a striker and a attacking wide player in order to chip in with a few more goals as well as being able to create a few more chances for our front men.

While we haven’t finalised any signings yet, it would appear that we are well on our way for signing a striker as well as potentially bringing in an attacking wide player in Loic Remy. Surely then my expectations of signings have been met? No. Far from it in fact.

Newcastle United have the 10th highest average attendance in Europe and is among the 20th richest clubs in the world in terms of revenue, yet in our own league we fall drastically short when it comes to making signings, in fact we do a fantastic job in convincing our fans that we are strapped for cash! What’s even more incredible is that some of them actually believe it!

The potential of this club is huge. With the right ownership willing to make the right kind of measured investment, coupled with an attack minded ambitious coach, we could see this great club match its undoubted potential, as well as,at the very least, providing the attacking fluid football the vast majority of us crave to see at St James’ Park.

However, it would seem that the noises emanating from the controlling hierarchy at our club is trying to dampen these sorts of expectations. Alan Pardew had this to say to Sports Direct news:

“The bottom line for any Premier League club other than the top six is survival.

This club got relegated three years ago and was in a bit of a mess but it was Mike [Ashley]’s bravery that got them back into the top division yet there was a huge financial cost. We can’t afford to do that so the first priority is staying in this league. Make no mistake about it.”

There you have it, instead of pushing ahead in an attempt to close the ever growing gap between, not only the top 4, but the top 6, we are now looking to avoid relegation as a target for the season. I don’t think I am alone in thinking that it is this type of stifling mentality that is slowly squeezing what is left of ambition from this great club.

I’ve said it before, and sadly I find myself saying it over and over again, but until Ashley and his band of cockney cohorts sell up and ship out, we will not see the growth and progress that all us fans know this club is capable of.

Churchill once said that success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Sadly, I’ve lost mine.

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