Do you think England have the best football supporters in the world?  Yes, I thought so! We do also.  However McDonalds have launched a challenge to find out exactly which country has the best fans of all the countries who are taking part in EURO 2012.

McDonald’s are introducing their brand new Passion Meter, a free, interactive app helping football fans support their favourite countries during UEFA Euro 2012. Fans will be able to show their dedication by cheering as loud as they can to achieve the highest possible score, which will then be added to the country’s total.

The Irish fans were in fine voice the other night, even if their team did not deliver what they expected.  Hearing ‘God Save the Queen’ being belted out by the England fans during out 3-2 win against Sweden was enough to make the hair on the next of every England fan stand up.

Your country needs you!  England fans are currently ranked as tenth out of the sixteen countries taking part in EURO 2012, so we need to catch up Ireland who are well in front.

Let’s not make this yet another so close, yet so far at a major football tournament for England.  Even if we fall short of brining home the trophy – let’s at least finish top of the McDonalds Passion Meter!

Ready to take part?  Take a look at the following video and get ready to deliver a Man of the Match performance.

This post has been sponsored by McDonalds.