With many Newcastle fans in outrage after they’ve had enough with the controversial manager, it seems too good to be true for them to see he is set to be sacked at Newcastle United.

After a poor start to the season and a poor end to the transfer window, The Independent have come out with the story that Pardew has two games to save his career at Newcastle. This simply can’t be true.

The main reason this cannot be true is that Mike Ashley, as many Newcastle fans know, loves to keep his money in his pocket. However over the summer Ashley trusted Pardew with 40 million to spend on new players and he has also previously trusted him with an 8 year contract, something that would be very expensive to pay off if Pardew were to be sacked.

All teams, no matter how good, need to give themselves time to let the new players gel in the squad and work around different tactics, this is why after just 5 games into the new season Ashley won’t be thinking about giving the manager the sack just yet. Although Newcastle do need to hope the players will find their form at Newcastle soon or the hostility will rise at St James’ and culminate to the point where Pardew can’t leave his seat without getting booed, like last season against Cardiff.

It would also be surprising that a poor start to the season would be the tipping point for Ashley as he has certainly put up with Pardew through worse. The time he lost six games in a row for the first time ever in Newcastle’s history, countless arguments on the touchline with officials/managers, equalling the record number of defeats for Newcastle in one season (19), and of course, head-butting Hull City’s David Meyler.

It seems almost certain to me that Ashley wouldn’t sack Pardew this early in the season, so for now Newcastle fans will have to think of positive contributions Pardew has made to the club, like getting us to Europe and showing, at times, he can be a good manager.