In recent weeks the often maligned Shola Ameobi has been touted as a possible future Prime Minister or even the President of Nigeria. This is all well and good but for now Ameobi is a footballer and for the first time in over 13 years as a professional footballer at Newcastle United, Ameobi is finally being recognised as a threat up front.

A major reason for this sudden increase in fortunes for the Mackem Slayer is being partnered with Loic Remy.

In the four games that Toon have started these two together, they have taken maximum points, with Shola being awarded the Man of the Match award in the most recent two of these.

The ever-improving understanding between Remyobi, the name that the partnership has been christened by some quarters, has been key to the Magpies recent recovery that has seen them move up to fifth in the Premiership table.

In fact, Toon have picked up more points in the four games that the pair have been paired together than they had during their previous nine games of the season.

In those previous nine games, Alan Pardew had rotated his squad trying Remy and Papiss Cisse as lone strikers, or pairing Remy or Ameobi with Cisse. None of those options seemed to be working particularly well, with Cisse particularly off-form.

In their recent games, a major improvement that Remyobi have brought has been the link-up play between the two. The way that the two strikers link-up is reminiscent of great strike partnerships from the past when 4-4-2 was perhaps more fashionable than it is in the modern-day game.

This strike partnership combines the strong target man with the pacy attacker, a tactic that previously was used so effectively in the game (the partnerships of Cole and Beardsley and Quinn and Phillips are two that spring to mind).

However, the strike partnership that Remyobi most remind me of is Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke’s during Man United’s treble winning year.

Cole and Yorke always appeared to be capable of communicating with each other on a football pitch telepathically and due to this were able to combine their alternative footballing approaches to form one of the deadliest strike partnerships of the modern game. One could even compare their telepathic communication to the days of watching Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll in Black and White tearing defences apart together almost subconsciously.

Watching Ameobi and Remy flick balls to each other without even giving it two thoughts is totally reminiscent of these aforementioned strike partnerships. This has worked to devastating fashion with Remy notching goals in three of the games that they have teamed up in.

It’s not just Ameobi and Remy that have benefited from the link-up. Players like Yoan Gouffran and Moussa Sissoko have also benefited, becoming more involved thanks to the movement of the two giving them more space down to unleash their creativity on the game. The space that Sissoko had for his brilliant goal this past Saturday was a great example of this.

Watching Shola and Remy in recent weeks, you could easily mistake them for a strike partnership that has been together for years, rather than just the month that they have played together for. Whether Remyobi can continue this great form over the next few weeks let alone years is of course uncertain but based on the early evidence and with both player keen on impressing with places on their respective countries to the World Cup up for grabs, Pardew may have just found the tonic that can launch Toon back into Europe.

Now tell me, who would have thought a month ago that missing tonic was the future president of Nigeria, Shola Ameobi?