Newcastle have confirmed the appointment of Joe Kinnear as director of football and revealed that Alan Pardew and Graham Carr will report directly to him.

Kinnear has signed a three-year deal at St James’ Park and will report to the club’s board as the senior executive in charge of all football-related matters.

This whole situation has is very worrying – Carr has done a fantastic job on bringing players to the club, does he really need Kinnear sticking his nose in?

Managing director Derek Llambias said: “The Board is pleased to welcome Joe back to the club.

“Joe has many years of experience working within the game, and this experience will be of great benefit to the club in achieving our objectives over the coming seasons.”


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  1. Trevor Scott

    56 Years of supporting my beloved Newcastle united have come to an end.

    The appointment of a foul mouthed idiot as Director of Football beggars believe.

    His interview on talk sport last night was littered with lies mispronunciation of players names, as anybody who knows me I am not he best with foreign names but Cabaye isn’t exactly difficult.

    Then he insults the people that pay his wages by saying he is more intelligent.

    Its a very sad day for me but sometimes enough is enough

  2. Paul Reed

    They say that history repeats itself. The appointment of Kinnear ( I still hope it's just an awful joke ) beggars belief. Doesn't Ashley remember the Dennis Wise farce ? Now I'm not Pardew's greatest fan, but surely he doesn't deserve this treatment. He was Manager of the Year for the Premier ship 12 months ago and now he has to answer to an uncouth, foul-mouthed individual whose only brush with success was to get a bunch of hooligans at Wimbledon to kick anyone who could actually play football off the park. A very sad day.


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