Well it appears that silly season has started again, Joe Kinnear is back, our primary targets (as always) are slipping through our fingers as our owner seems intent on applying his considerable business acumen to a business in which it doesn’t apply, and to top it off we have sold one of our most dedicated players, albeit not one of our most talented ones. This is what we Newcastle fans are used to. It sucks. Every morning when I wake I do the usual traipse through my bookmarks, reading all the football news the internet has to offer. There seems to be a cycle:

1. “Newcastle linked with awesome player”

2. “Awesome player would move to Newcastle”

3. “Newcastle won’t budge on valuation”

4. “He signs for someone else…..”

Its boring isn’t it? This is because when scenarios repeat themselves so many times they become so, it applies to everything. Since Kinnear has returned, his comments have managed to irritate, offend, irk, ridicule and marginalise the Newcastle fans. Indeed the best of us have been trying to take his comments with a pinch of salt, unfortunately there is none left, the North Sea is now a freshwater stream, thanks to our patience, sorry fish. Our primary target (if you read the papers) seems to be Gabonese forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who seems to be a very talented player, and more importantly a striker who doesn’t throw his toys out of the pram when played on the left, Gouffran is good, but he wants to play centrally where, in my opinion, Cisse is a better option.

As usual however, our owner seems to have spent so much time trying to get the price down he has forgotten that there are other clubs out there, who have more money, namely Borussia Dortmund. Ah well Darren Bent anyone? Thought not, maybe four years ago but even if the club were to break the habit and sign a player over 27, there are better ones out there. There is still hope, there has to be with two whole painful months of the transfer window left. Microsoft showed recently that big companies do listen to the consumers, when they changed used game restrictions on their new console following a public outcry. Mike they’re even bigger than your company. Please take note, we fans may be blindingly loyal, but were not stupid.

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  1. MaxT.

    Never believe what you see in the papers we are told, reporters are professional liars we are told. As a Newcastle United lifelong supporter I hope that this is true and Joe Kinnear has got a brain currently busy bringing the best of their targets to Newcastle. Newcastle United supporters do not deserve cheap cast off players that are past there best, lost there sharpness, and can not win there place in their current clubs.


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