When he caused outrage on Tyneside by announcing himself as Newcastle United’s new Director of Football, Joe Kinnear attempted to buy himself some precious time by making a plea to the Magpies’ fans:

“Judge me on my signings” stated the 66-year-old, shortly before jetting off on holiday just days into his new job.

The summer transfer window slammed shut on Monday night and while clubs around the country made desperate phone calls in a bid to strengthen their squads, nothing was heard from Tyneside.

Reporters were stationed at every Premier League club’s training ground as teams done business until the 11pm deadline, but no one was on hand to say anything about the Geordies, who have stuck with their current squad until January.

Newcastle are the only Premier League team not to make a permanent first-team signing this summer, a statistic that is embarrassing considering the whole point of Kinnear’s appointment was to bring new faces to St James’ Park and ease the pressure of handling transfers from Alan Pardew’s shoulders.

Kinnear has only the temporary deal for Loic Remy to show for his efforts this summer, as numerous targets passed them by.

Even Remy has his troubles, as he goes on trial for rape at the end of September. Hardly an ideal situation for a club that have paid in the region of £2m for 12 months of his services.

The transfer window failure is almost a perfect reflection of what happened last year, when Pardew chose to sign only one first-team player—Vurnon Anita—and stick with the squad that had served him well the previous season.

A terrible season awaited the Geordies and only a January spending spree saved them from relegation. Now, with only Remy added to the squad, Newcastle have put the pressure on themselves to perform having been silent in the final hours of the transfer window.

One potentially good piece of news for the Magpies is that Yohan Cabaye has stayed at the club, after Arsenal chose to splash out on Mesut Ozil instead of following up their initial bid for the French midfielder.

Kinnear will likely claim that he was a key part of making Cabaye stay at St James’ Park, although if he tries to clutch at that particular straw, Geordie fans will see straight through the smoke and mirrors.

It was clear Cabaye wanted to leave Newcastle this summer and only Ozil becoming available stopped the France international joining the Gunners. Now Pardew must rebuild his relationship with his No.4 and hope he starts turning in the performances that originally attracted the likes of Arsenal.

So now the window is shut, the hard work begins, and Newcastle attempt to build on their 1-0 win over Fulham and kick start their season. The same old faces will have to perform as Kinnear’s lack of negotiation success has forced them to.

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  1. John

    An absolute disgrace , he says judge me on my signings ! Newcastle fans need to bring along posters and chants to the next home game and force them 2 cockneys out of our club

  2. Norman

    Ashley has made a statement by his lack of investment and its the one we all wanted to hear NUFC is for sale. Now its up to us the fans to make sure the whole world knows. We are on the TV world wide every match the Toon plays so lets do a bit of advertising for a buyer to come forward. Ashley cannot throw us all out.

  3. John

    Did anyone expect any different?? No!! OK then, why get upset, we have Ashley, his No 2, Joe the clown and of course in all of his sartorial elegance and the only man who can speak for 30 minutes and say nothing, the one and only Allllllllaaaaaan Paaaaaaardeeeeew. Tagging along was the scout who brought half of Paris to Newcastle.
    The writing was on the wall when they all had a "Jolly up" on the great man's yacht and as Joe the clown said, "we all agreed that we had a strong squad" Nothing to do with the drink was it Joe? After that statement which was reached in about 5 minutes, Ashley called the meeting closed, after hearing what he wanted, and kicked them off his yacht. That's it, the end!!

  4. Marz

    Well if the owner wanted to save money he did he appointed Joe Kinnear. He looks like he went to bed early and why wouldn't he he's out of touch from the real world.
    I see trouble ahead, let more players go than we brought in for the second season, a concern especially since we haven't addressed last seasons short comings DEFENSE..

  5. SJ

    Can somebody please tell me what Joe Kinnear’s role actually is? The only player he has brought in is Remy which is a loan. However theres a good chance he could go to prison before the end of the loan. Then we have deal agreed with Lyon to sign Gomis,but his wages were a problem,however we walk away from negotiations to only go back two more times to say no deal can be done,but if u believe reports that Joe Kinnear had a plan b and c??? The sad thing i knew we wouldn’t sign anyone. As it stands now we are only club in premier league not to sign anyone and in my opinion it shows that Joe kinnear has the easiest job in football because he hasn’t done anything! I may sound bias but u wont find as many passionate and loyal fans as Newcastle ones,and they pay good hard earned money to follow their team all over the country with hope and expectations,and in return what do they get? Gomis? Tom ince? Ba? No…we get Joe kinnear! Its nice to see that Mr Ashley cares about the fans who pack home and away grounds out every week. I just hope we can keep key players fit and push on up the league,because if we were to lose any to injuries it could be a long season. But JFK has it under control! Support the team not the regime

  6. rob

    Am I surprised? no. It's about time Ashley moved on, sell the club to someone with ambition.

  7. Steve

    I gave JK until the end of the transfer window to judge him and he was an epic FAIL!! He needs be sacked and move on. We will never know how many deals were lost because of him.

  8. steve

    kinear must go. He can pick up a phone and ring any manager in the world, however this summer has shown that although he rang, it does not mean they answered. A joke from the word go. We are weaker now than we were12 months ago. Thanks for your effort!!!!!!, but no thanks.

  9. Geoff B

    If Mike Ashley is the shrewd business man he appears to be then he must see that Joe Kinnear is a total waste of a salary. While the rest of the Premiership look forward to seeing their new players what will our " Judge me by my Signings " Director of Football be doing. Probably planning his next holiday ( at Mike Ashley's expense ) to recover from all his all hard work in this transfer window. NUFC are yet again the joke of the Premiership but the worst joke of all is Joe Kinnear

  10. Geoff B

    If Mike Ashley is the shrewd business man he appears to be then he must see that Joe Kinnear is a total waste of a salary. While the rest of the Premiership look forward to seeing their new players what will our " Judge me by my Signings " Director of Football be doing. Probably planning his next holiday ( at Mike Ashley's expense ) to recover from all his all hard work in this transfer window. NUFC are yet again the joke of the Premiership but the worst joke of all is Joe Kinnear

  11. Frank Cruise

    Well the Director of Football failed to meet the terms of his employment so for Gods Sake cut him loose now.
    The guy is an embarrassment to the club and unless he is being paid by results ( no results achieved) he is a huge waste of money too.
    Please send him back to White Hart Lane and hopefully he can screw up Tottenham
    A disappointed Geordie excited in Alaska

  12. Christer

    The goal with Kinnears have been reached in some ways, to manage to go throu@gh the window without a single buy, But it has failed in the goal to generate Money for Mike Ashley. The strapping of the clubs assets did not commence as Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Krul stayed in Newcastle. Kinnear was to upset them in the only way he can, mispronunciation among other things. The biggest wish that Mike Ashley could forfil for Newcastle and her supporters is to sell away to Another Investor. The fact that Llambias left the club show the interest Ashley have for it. Nothing, now we just get the Money we can…. So be aware of the january window, and pray that an true Investor is found Before that time….

    Howay the Lads

  13. SA Toon

    Kinnear must go. He is both embarrassing and ineffective. No question there!

    But although one or two signings would have lifted the team and given much needed depth, we still have some very talented players – Krul, Santon, Cabaye (if we can get his head back in the game), Ben Arfa and Remy. If we can kick on from the second half of the Fulham game, we can still do alright this season. Maybe MA is going to wait for the January window when prices tend to be a bit better (they were insane this time around) or maybe the rumors are true that he is looking to sell. Whatever the case is, it's time to put it all behind us and get behind the boys! Let's make sure they know we've got their backs and we're with them all the way! GO NUFC!

  14. addie

    absolute failure in any other job he would be sacked. but fat mike has got what HE wanted. no money spent and a fallguy to take the blame JOKE kinnear wil probs get a no signing bonus

  15. carl oxley

    I am so angry not only at the fact we did not get anyone but the fact that I have not once heard yesterday that we even attempted to bring anyone in, I’m really getting sick to the teeth of being a newcastle fan. Uwwwww I want to scream.

  16. addie

    NEWCASTLE FANS.. maybe people will do like what we've been saying since this the cockney cunt defiled our club….. STOP SPENDING MONEY AT THE CLUB NAD HIS FUCKIN SHOPS.. NO GAMES NO SHIRTS NO FOOD. if you stopped putting money in his pocket he might spend some money or fucks off back to london!!!

  17. John Tomlinson

    Joe Kinnear is in charge of transfers. Newcastle need more fire power up front, aka, a new striker.
    what has Joe Kinnear achieved for the club. Nothing Zero, total failure. If any normal person produced
    such deplorable results in their work, they would be sacked, no question.
    Lets see what happens, although we probably Know the answer, Nothing. There seems to be a theme here!!!

  18. Mark English

    Can’t wait to hear the excuses from pardew. “Keeping cabaye is like having a new signing”. “Joe worked very hard but getting them over the line is so hard these days”.

    Same bull, different window. Pards has been well and truly been hung out to dry

  19. Mark Skidmore

    A message to you Joe. You are certainly not a clown. Clowns are funny . There is nothing funny at all about you Joe. Why don't you do us all a favour and go back where you came from. I think that is a fair judgement on your signings.

  20. Tony Nelson

    And what were you expecting.Wake up and smell the coffee you morons.Give it a couple of weeks and everything will be forgiven and forgotten as you squeeze in to st James in your new wonga shirts.Until you act directly you are stuck with this cockney scum so get on with it,losers!

  21. Pee'doffgeordie

    I feel disgusted and lied to, i sat most of the day glued to the net / sky sports waiting on news and as the day wound on i felt hope slip away. I hate the lies that come out of Newcastle united and the distaste that Mike Ashley has for his customer base. 20th richest club in the WORLD and couldnt even pry a player or two from their current clubs.

    Joe Kinnear has been nothing short of a waste of time, first he goes off on holiday then he spends time moving house. We could argue that maybe players didnt want to come but when you treat people like product rather than professional football players then what do you expect. JK is a dinosaur and hopefully there will be some movement to get him out of the club because he is a cancer!

  22. James

    A serious injury to one of Remy, Ben Arfa or Colocinni and relegation is a real probability. Get shot of Cabaye as soon a possible he is a disgrace.

  23. JoelToon

    Of course he’s failed, during deadline day newcastle were linked with one player, John Bond, a keeper, our club is an absolute joke, nothing spent, nothing bought that’s actually ours, for Kinnear, Ashley or Pardew to try and water this down and convince us no one is needed, its utter tosh, i wouldn’t mind but its the fact I and indefinitely thousands oF other toon fans will of been sitting in front of the TV or listening to a radio dying to hear signs of life at Newcastle, and there was nothing, just 19 other teams reaping the benefits of having a back room staff, owner an manager, that tries, cockney mob out, Abu Dhabi oil barrens in

  24. Woodie

    Kinnear is a joke. Never in the history of a football club has anyone done so little for so many. Ashley, sell the club to someone who cares. The whole transfer debacle is an embarrassment to supporters. Pardew, you are ineffective and need to go. Paulo de Canio, you might be a makem but you have the right idea.

  25. Andy

    Naa. He’s just a daft lad brought in by ma.

    It’s good news. It’s a sign he’s cashing up

    And ready to get out.

  26. swamprocker


  27. Brendon 1

    What a joke just sell the club Ashley we don't want u . U have to be the worst owner is football history. U take al our transfer money and put in your back pocket.What a joke just sell please us fan want a real owner who wants to spend money and get our club back to we're it should be

  28. thetoonrme

    Lads it was disapointing but we did make quality signings in January which we were all made aware that they were "brought forward" signings.
    I know its disapointing but would you rather do the complete overhaul thing like 5under1and and still look a totally crap team with a manager incapable of any man management skills?
    I think Ashley has the club up for sale in all honesty and is streamlining it,Ifeel short term that if a few key players can stay fit we are at worst a mid table side.If not the club will buy in Jan again

  29. Gary AH

    For a man so prudent and interested in his money why the fook did he hire Joe Kinnear? What exactly does this man do? Not a lot other than take the piss out of Newcastle united and the loyal long suffering fans.
    Out of his depth out of ideas and now out of time , time for him to Fook off and ship out


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