Mike Ashley has certainly not been a stranger to controversy since his overtaking of Newcastle United. From the sudden and arguably unfounded sacking of managers, the the renaming of the famous stadium and everything in between, one begs the question; Is he an idiot, or a mastermind?

Many people, Newcastle fans especially, would argue that Mike Ashley just hasn’t grasped what owning a football club entails. However, despite in the Newcastle faithfuls eyes his apparent failures in owning the Geordies beloved club, not many can argue he is one of the best businessman in the country. Having built up SportsDirect.com into a massive company, as well as stamping his mark in a few other places around the world, there is hardly anyone on the planet able to deny he is a business mastermind.

However this further begs the question; Is he an idiot, or a mastermind? Many of his decisions in the first few years were questionable, such as the sacking of Chris Hughton and renaming of the stadium, but it’s the appointment of Joe Kinnear as Director of Football at Newcastle that has not only Newcastle fans scratching their heads, but the whole footballing world. There has been no shortage of famous footballing figures giving their views on this appointment, including Newcastle’s own Alan Shearer. Barely anyone understands why he appointed Kinnear, but this is Mike Ashley, one of the richest men in the country, a business mastermind. It’s barely a step from business to football club in keeping the fans happy. Newcastle are the shop, the fans are the customers. You don’t give them what they want, they won’t be happy.

Personally, I think we should give Kinnear a chance. He caused uproar with his well publicised interview in which he pronounced several players names wrong. But that got me thinking, he’s making an absolute fool of himself in doing these acts. But that of course means that people around the world are talking about Newcastle United. Perhaps it’s bad publicity but in a business, all publicity can be used. Then of course perhaps Mike Ashley is just using Kinnear as a distraction while he does other deeds in the club.

Whatever the reason, Mike Ashley is a business genius. If that can rub off on the football world remains to be seen. But with the appointment of Kinnear I look forward to seeing how he’ll pronounce the names of players from other clubs if he has the audacity to mispronounce ‘Cabaye’ as ‘Kebabs’.

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