BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Newcastle United will lose at Stoke City on Monday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Stoke have been playing well enough but they have only won one Premier League game since the start of September and they need to change that as quickly as possible, especially because they are back in the Europa League next week and they have struggled immediately after playing in that competition.

“As good as Newcastle have been defensively this season, this is a completely different and thorough test of their capabilities at the back and one that I don’t think they are going to pass.

“It has been a great start to the season for the Magpies, who have done really, really well, but I think it will end here. I don’t think Alan Pardew’s side will just fall away after this, though. There is a bit of resistance in that team and they are made of sterner stuff than that.

“Prediction: 2-0”

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  1. julio laker

    This is excellent news. Lawro predicted the same against Spuds and look what happened. Personally I think Stoke away is a bigger test than Spuds at home, especially given the drubbing we got there last time.

  2. Dan

    Cheers lawro! This meens we will beat Stoke! We don’t get enough credit for what we done this season so far! But o well what does he no!

  3. gav

    Lawro is a complete muppet, his predictions are pants, my granny knaas better than him man

  4. Peter

    When Lawro has earned himself $1M from betting on his 'predictions,' then I'ld be prepared to listen. This is just lazy, unprofessional, rag-rant to earn a few bucks filling pages for the tabs. Problem is, Lawro, when you just spew out rubbish that's intended to grab attention, but has nothing in it to keep that attention, you're just making a comment about your own integrity – rubbish!


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