Predictably so, our beloved club are straggling behind in the summer transfer market. Friday evening’s internet articles seem to revel in the fact that NUFC is now the only Premier League club without a major summer signing.

They’re right, sorry Mr Kemen, I’m sure your time will come. As if to compound the misery of the fans, Sunderland seem to actually be doing some seriously good business, especially if they pull off the expected signing of Juventus’ Emanuele Giaccherini, who would not only represent a massive coup for them, but in all honestly any club outside the top 6.

Our mate Kinnear has trotted off on his holidays, which somewhat ironically, is irritating given the fact that most fans would give anything for him to leave the country, yet at this time we actually would prefer him here, you know, doing his job. The rumour mill as usual is in overdrive, churning out more names than the insufferable Katie Hopkins. Bent, Remy, Zouma, Zoek, take your pick, to be fair though the papers could print stories of us lining up audacious swoops for Messi and Ronaldo, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they say, it’s all conjecture until the club announces it.

Pardew, since returning from his silence has emphasised the need for a new striker, if not two, with the aforementioned names of Remy and Bent being confirmed as targets. Remy seems unlikely given the charges hanging over his head, although any man is innocent until proven guilty, with Bent being a good player; but one who hasn’t played an awful lot of football for a professional footballer. What we need is a statement of intent.

Of all the names mentioned in the last week the one that got me the most excited was Scott Sinclair. At Chelsea he was touted as ‘the next big thing’ by fans and media alike and after some mixed loan spells he settled at Swansea where, along with the whole club, he impressed not only in their promotion season but the clubs maiden Premier League campaign. At City some my say he has stagnated but surely training with players such as Aguero, Yaya Toure and David Silva would have improved him. A full preseason with a new club (who would actually play him) would perhaps bring him up to scratch. Here’s hoping. Sinclair or not it is vital that the club show that they mean business, quite literally.

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  1. Phil Anslow

    Funny,but I'm not interested in all of the transfer roumers,because we will either get someone or we won't!!
    The thing is,we have enough class in the squad as it is,yes,there are areas that need improvement,but we are basically the same squad that finished 5th,it's the manager and his training staffs job to get tactics,training and squad moral right, if they can't then move them out and get someone in who can!! Ashley wouldn't hesitate to sack anyone not performing in his retail empire!! so why should Newcastle utd plc be any different?
    Also we seem to suffer a large amount of training pitch injuries,why?,what are the medical staff doing? surely they have a large say in programming physical training for each and everyone of the playing staff?? or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I love nufc with a passion!! Mike Ashley doesn't and there's the rub.


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