Joey Barton has revealed that a moment in the Newcastle United changing rooms gave him a new outlook on life.

Preparing for a stretch in prison for assault in 2008, Barton was playing for the Magpies when the rest of the squad were talking about where they were going on holiday, while Barton packed his bags for a 77 day stint inside.

Dubai, America and Barbados were all mentioned by the rest of the squad, but Barton headed for Strangeways prison, and it struck a chord with the former Manchester City midfielder.

Speaking to The Record after signing for Rangers, Barton said:

I remember sitting in the dressing room at Newcastle and I was on bail but, basically, knowing that at the end of the season I was going away.

I was actually playing decent football regardless of all the mental stuff that was going on around it.

The lads were all sitting talking about two weeks out from the end of the season about Dubai, Spain, America. And I was thinking: I’m going to Strangeways.

The reality of that dawns upon you. ******* hell.

That’s when you talk about epiphanies.

How did it come to this?

What are you doing? I wasn’t enjoying life.

I wasn’t enjoying football. I thought this has got to change.

Either you’ve got to give it up and walk away or you’ve got to do some serious work and have a look at this.

You just find a process.

Some people find it at 18.

Some people never find it. I’m just lucky that I found it when I did in terms of being able to salvage some great years and some really happy memories over the last few years.”

Barton has certainly matured in recent years, swapping assaults for Nietzsche quotes on Twitter, and he’s taking on a new challenge in Scotland next season, rather than returning to the Premier League with Burnley.

Maybe Barton vs Scott Brown will bring out the old Joey once again