The quiet summer being enjoyed by Newcastle fans has been well and truly ruined today. The news that the worst manager of the last decade has been rehired as the Magpies new Director of Football is nothing short of baffling.

In case you hadn’t heard, that manager who has somehow wangled his way into a job that far exceeds his extremely limited ability is Joe Kinnear, or JFK as he is referred to in reference to his regular foul-mouthed outbursts.

Kinnear was quick to run to the media when he agreed the “deal” to become the new Director at St James’ Park and could hardly contain his excitement, so much so that he forgot the name of the man who had hired him, Derek Llambias.

Stuttering and stumbling his way round the interview with Sky Sports, Kinnear confirmed that he had signed a deal with “Dave…err…David…err…Derek” and will frighteningly be in charge of overseeing ALL transfers in future.

JFK has apparently been given a three-year deal and also boasted that it will be he who decides the style of football we pay to see at St James’ Park in future.

Quite what Alan Pardew thinks of this, we don’t know.

One poor season resulted in Llambias and Mike Ashley showing their support of their chosen man by talking to the media about how Pardew was to be given a clean slate again next season but now they’ve brought in Kinnear almost directly above him, something which can only lead to conflict.

Clubs appointing directors of football are not uncommon, although choosing a man with such deluded opinions on everything is.

He believes he would have saved Newcastle from relegation when he was in charge (he had a win rate of less than 20%) and claims he has never been in charge of a relegated side (despite being in charge of Luton when they went down in 2001).

There has been no official confirmation from the club with regards to the odious cockney’s comments, although it seems we aren’t far away from the dreaded news.

That in itself is a worry for fans, as Kinnear must have been told (assuming this whole story is true) not to speak to the media until the club confirms the appointment. However, you can almost imagine Kinnear running as fast as his dicky heart can handle to the closest journalist and blabbing until people listened.

This is a monumental step backwards for Newcastle United ahead of the new season, as stories are sure to surface regarding the relationship between Kinnear and Pardew, which will only put more pressure on all parties.

My guess is that everything will end in tears once again for Newcastle and Pardew will walk out (quite rightly, too) and leave Newcastle without the stability that they’ve so publically called for.

Oh and if that happens, guess who will inevitably manage the club for a second spell?

Yeah, you guessed it.

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  1. Sheriff Hill lad

    That man is an idiot but not as daft as those who have hired him!
    Although hopefully it could be a ploy to unsettle Pards and force him out?
    Cashly could then sack the little fat man or put him on boot duty and appoint a decent manager that would be the clever thing to do!
    But hey these idiots don't have a brain cell between them: do they???


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