Ok! Let’s recap. We’ve had the Keegan saga and the poisoned dwarf. We’ve had the pint drinking owner pretending to be one of the lads and then ‘running’ for cover. We’ve had the cockney mafia and we’ve had relegation. We’ve had the humiliation of Hughton following promotion. We’ve had the last minute selling off of Carroll and a curious lack of reinvestment into the side despite numerous promises of cash. We’ve had the ignominious name change of our stadium and many more strange decisions made by our illustrious leaders!

Yes, there’ve been some good things happen such as promotion, the strength of character of our players during that time and push forward to a European place. We see the likes of Collocini, Krul, Cabaye, the passion of Tiote, Taylor and Gutierrez, the slaying by Shola, the rise to form of Perchino, the wonders of Ben Arfa and the spectacular goals of Ba and Cisse. It’s not all bad and we are looking good with some excellent young players now coming to the fore with long term stability offered to Alan Pardew and his back room staff.

I have and will still supported the team through thick and thin and, barring illness, have hardly missed since 1975. My family all go to the match together and we love it.

What I really, seriously object to now is not the selling off of the sponsorship rights of the strip or even the name of the stadium. I have been resigned to being called the Adidas Arena, the Heinz Beans Bowl, the Ultra Thin Panty Liner Arena, the R. Soles Cobblers Stadium or even the Mackem Mover Removals Arena (well, I would object to that one). I don’t even mind walking down the Wonga Way to go to the Wonga Arena if the name was all that mattered.

The one thing I object to is for Ashley to allow our club to be associated with and sponsored by such an unscrupulous company who quite obviously target poor families with a quick ‘band-aid’ solution to money problems and putting them into further debt. ‘Wonga’ has been criticised by the Office of Fair Trading for using “aggressive and misleading debt collection methods” and branded as “incredibly irresponsible” for targeting students in pages on its website. ‘Wonga’ has also been further criticised for an Annual Rercentage Rate(APR) of over 4,000% that has prompted a House of Commons Committee to propose interest rate caps to stop such spurious practice. The Harvard Business Review website described ‘Wonga’ as “the worst business model in the world.”

I will continue to attend St. James’ Park with my family and will always support the team but I refuse to buy any product with the name ‘Wonga’ on it. I have told my kids that they will not be getting new football strips next season or any other Newcastle United product that promotes ‘Wonga’. I have explained why and my two boys agree that it would be morally wrong to do so.

It’s not much of a stance and it probably won’t make any difference but I will not have anything to do with such a company and hope that Messrs. Ashley and Llambias have a change of heart and look for a more suitable, creditable sponsor of our club and not add further insult to it’s status as a great institution loved by many across the globe.

Bleeding Black & White

Since writing the above it has been announced that Wonga have decided to change the name of the stadium back to St. James’ Park. Looking at this I think that it was always going to happen. A big protracted publicity stunt that Ashley started by changing the name in the first place. I stated at the time that he could be opening the door for a new investor to revert back to the proper name. He would have known that this, for the good of the fans and respect for the club, plus investment for the club would look great for the company in most people’s eyes. Ashley looks like he wasn’t bothered at all what people thought of him when he took the original signage away. He’s a businessman at the end of the day. He’s not stupid, but neither are we!

By Davy Craig

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  1. peter anderson

    Look mate i think you need to chill.
    Its a money lender the same as northen rock.Yes Northern rock the company that leant borrowers 125% mortgages chaining them to years of negative equaity.This also causing the rock to bust itself.Which in my mind is a lot wore than lending some one 100 quid and asking for 120- 2 weeks later.And as for the mps getting involved the same f@ck wits who raked up over a trillion pounds in debt crippling the counrty and causing financial heart ache for folk possibly paved the way for such companies as wongs to exist.
    Its all have a go at newcastle united again and its getting a bit boring.Blackpool have had them on there shirts for years nothing said we have them hell on.The question we need to ask is why us taking the shyte and not the other club……….easy target and it sells papers.
    It will all blow over until the next time……htls

  2. @undefined

    I have to agree with Mr Anderson on this matter. Wonga is a target as was NRBS when things went boobies up, do we talk about that now?. Look up PL Sponsors: last season 7 were gambling companies, do they not prey on the vulnerable? One is a beer company and lots of them are Insurance companies which have been screwing people since the invent of insurance. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

  3. MarkC78

    I totally agree with the above 2 comments. Very few big business will be whiter than white and at least with Wonga you know what your getting. Barclays being the perfect example of corruption, money laundering and fraud. We have to look at the bigger picture and unfortunately the likes of Sky have made football into a business in which the fans have the least say. So because of that I think Ashley is doing the correct thing in getting as much money in and running it as one of the few football businesses with a good balance sheet


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