As I wait for the new Premier League football season to get into full swing, I can’t help thinking “I wish I didn’t support Newcastle United”. It ought to be easy for me as, apart from a couple of months as a baby, I have never lived in the North East. However, with at least five generations of Geordies behind me, a father who used to take me to see the like of ‘Wor Jackie’ when I was a kid and the wonderful, if distant, memory of three Cup Final wins in five years, my support for the club is ingrained into my very being and seems impossible to shift.

Mind you, apart from exuberant times in the Keegan era, the club has tried hard to shift my allegiance but never more so than since Fat Mike took over. Initially, it seemed promising. He seemed to have money to pump into the club; he seemed to have a vision of bringing success to what is probably the biggest underachiever amongst major teams in the modern game. How quickly my revived dreams of new glory days were shattered to be replaced by confusion and dismay at the chain of events that have followed.
The saga of this summer has pushed my allegiance to breaking point. Apart from the immorality of advertising the rip off merchants Wonga on our beloved black and white striped shirts, the bizarre appointment of JFK as Pardew’s boss and the pathetic transfer window activity which has seem only two new faces – one for the future and one who is not only unfit but, since he rejected us in January, one can only assume isn’t too fussed about joining us now one has to wonder what makes Mike Ashley tick.

I mean, why did he buy the club? What are his plans? What does he want to achieve? Does he perceive it as a business, a rich man’s toy, a whim or does he just hate Newcastle? It is impossible to know what his motives are and there seems to be no current mission statement and no real communication at all with his customer base – the fans. It is virtually impossible to find a quote from him apart from “Stick another pint in there mate!”. So what can we look forward to this season? After the strange, even ludicrous decision, to give Pardew an eight year contract, is he trying to drive him out or will he sack him. Will JFK take over? Will JFK make any significant signings? It’s a mess and whilst one hopes for the best, one can only worry that a side that wasn’t good enough last year, isn’t going to do any better this year. OK, I hear cries of “Support the Team, not the Regime” so here we go again, “H’way the Lads” or should I now be saying, “Vive La France”?

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  1. Tony Penn

    As each season of fruitless search for a trophy passes I have come to the conclusion that the club is truly cursed as some have suggested. Certainly a complete dearth of success in completely disproportion to the size, loyalty and passion of our support would suggest it. But what is more convincing is the question of whether the club can not be cursed if we had been inflicted with a list of owners and directors that include a list of clowns, liars and leeches that has included cashley, Shepherd, McKeag and Seymour?

  2. Geordiedoonsooth

    I'm from the ame era, 1st taken to see the toon in 1955. They've been on my blood ever since despite moving out of the area 32 years ago. There's been many a time when I've wished I didn't support them. Ashley is by far the worst owner we've had

  3. toontoon

    Mike Ashley has not done to bad.we were riddled with debt, now all cleared, our team was a joke before he came with players like owen on £120.000 a week and others on high wages that did not care if they played or not.he has made a couple of mistakes but everyone does, mistakes are made to be fixed (never a problem only a solution)

    Our team is not bad at all, we should of done alot better last season we did not play well at all any game.then the players we bought in January could come really good (always judge a player on his second season) as fergie always said he never like buying players because its a struggle to get them to fit in to the squad and he very rarly bought in January.our players shiuld have now fitted in, it is there second season so hopefully we have alot of good games to watchbthis season.i for one am really looking forward to it..


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