Former Newcastle United midfielder Emre Belozoglu has been given a two and a half month suspended prison sentence for racially abusing Trabzonspor midfielder Didier Zokora.

The incident occurred during a game between Emre’s side Fenerbahce and Zokora’s Trabzonspor team in a Turkish Cup match.

Emre was caught calling the former Spurs midfielder Zokora a “f***ing n****r” before walking away. The Turk was given just a three match ban for the incident.

The next time the sides met, Zokora had clearly instructed his team mates to get revenge on Emre, as they hacked the former Magpie down with a series of cynical tackles. The most painful came courtesy of Zokora himself, who booted Emre square in the privates as the pair clashed in midfield.

Zokora followed the incident up and now Turkish authorities have acted and gave Emre a suspended prison sentence


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