NUFC News has been around since 2010 and we’ve published thousands of articles but we want more! We’re looking for passionate Newcastle fans who aren’t afraid to share their opinion to write for us. In return we’ll feature your work in front of the tens of thousands of Newcastle fans who visit our site every day.

You don’t have to be a Pulitzer prize winner to write an article – show your love for our club and the rest will flow. Maybe you’re a budding journalist or you just want to share your views with others – everyone is welcome.

What should I write about?

It’s entirely up to you, as long as it is somewhat Newcastle related. It can be an article on any match, any player, any area – if you’re stuck for ideas then we can give you some topical to get the writing juices flowing. It doesn’t have to a serious piece, we also welcome funny/fanzine-style articles.

All we ask is before you send in your article, give it a spell-check and read over it a couple of times beforehand.

How involved do I have to get?

Again, that’s totally down to you. Some write on a weekly basis, others monthly and some less often. The more regular articles tend to get a better following so it all depends on how much time you have spare.

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately not. NUFC News is a labour of love and actually costs a small fortune to keep it online. However if you’re a budding writer, some of our previous contributors have gone on to full-time positions within UK media organisations – or if you’re just writing for the love of it, that’s more than fine with us.

We always credit your articles and will feature your name within articles along with a bio and your Twitter name.

What do I do next?

Get in touch with us via the contact form below and we’ll get back in touch with you right away.

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  1. Phil Anslow

    Ok,it's true!im one of the sad deluded fans that would probably watch 11 monkeys turn out for the toon,as long as they actually passed the ball!! but that just goes to show that l have a passion for all things black and thousands of other 'mags' it's not the actual person who wears the famous shirt,it's the fact that they want to wear it!! Now,there are lots more people out there who are better qualified to talk about tactics,training,diet,strengths,weaknesses,etc,etc,I'm just a bog standard supporter,I pays my money,expect a good game( ie. passing the ball,score the odd goal and exercise my lungs)however,there are a few things I do expect,players should be fit,have a modicome of talent,want to pull on the 'famous black and white jumper'and last but not least give 100% every time they pull on the black and white shirt!!! I also expect that management have a modicome of talent as well! It seems that money is the be all and end all of the modern game these days,passion for the club seems to depend on how much your paid!! Loyalty seems to be a four letter word???? these days,so how do we overcome footballs shortcomings?do we only employ local people?do we cap wages?would this be the road back to the dark ages?do we need foreign players in our game?are our tactics good enough to do well in the modern game? Football is an uncomplicated game,you try and kick/ head the ball into your opponents goal and the opposing team try and stop you (within the rules) seemples!! I love football!!! English,European,African,you name the country and I'd watch it!! We've made the game and the rules more complicated,why?,it's a game about passion,skill,style and if at the end of the day my team wins even better! as bill shankly said football is life? nay! It's more important than that!!!


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