It’s the incident everyone is talking about. Alan Pardew planting a headbutt on Hull’s David Meyler has set the football world on fire and everyone has an opinion on what should happen next.

Some want the Newcastle manager to be relieved of his duties by his boss, Mike Ashley. We all know that isn’t going to happen, as the business-savvy Cockney is too smart to willingly pay out the remainder of an 8-year contract.

Others want Pardew to be banned for the rest of the season, a theory that may well be closer to what actually happens, albeit still slightly exaggerated.

The decision falls at the hands of the FA. The governing body of English football has already found the 52-year-old guilty of improper conduct – probably the easiest decision they’ve ever had to make – and now must decide on a punishment for the disgraced Toon boss.

They are likely to take into account Pardew’s history of aggressive touchline behaviour. When he was manager at West Ham United, an unsavoury altercation with Arsene Wenger springs to mind. Just earlier this season, the Newcastle boss was caught on camera shouting expletives at Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini, calling him “a ****ing old c**t”.

Hardly a track record to persuade the powers that be to not make an example of you.

Some might ask why Pardew’s previous misdemeanours may come into the equation. After all, it isn’t that way for players. For example, a player doesn’t have a ban increased for his second or third red card of the season – it stays at three games.

However, the fundamental difference is that this is an unprecedented incident. It’s a chance for the big wigs to make an example of Pardew, as they have no previous yard-stick on which to go by. After the punishment is made public knowledge, there will be no calls of “well when *insert manager name* done a similar thing, he only got this length of ban”.

The modern game is littered with flare-ups between players. Just five games ago, Loic Remy was sent off for allegedly headbutting Norwich City’s Bradley Johnson – a dismissal that looked harsh given Johnson’s reaction to minimal contact.

But never has a top flight manager reacted in such an embarrassing way towards an opposition player. As Jeff Stelling put it on Soccer Saturday: “Alan Pardew, prepare to have the book thrown at you”.

The Magpies manager has already had his pocket burnt by Ashley, who sanctioned a £100,000 fine on his manager less than 24 hours after referee Kevin Friend had sent him to the stands.

But now Pardew awaits his fate from the FA, who, if they want to make a true example of him, may make the Newcastle boss feel like the burn of Ashley’s fine was nothing more than an inconvenience.