The transfer saga of Loic Remy continues to thunder on, as he heads for a medical at the club today. But did he do himself, and Newcastle United, a favour by heading south to Queens Park Rangers instead of north to the Magpies?

To a Newcastle fan, Remy’s snub was pretty disheartening, and to fans of other clubs, it was a reason to have a chuckle in the pub for 10 seconds. Putting his last minute snub aside, you have to ask yourself if it was for the best? QPR were just about doomed to go down and Remy, knowing this, still joined up with ‘Arry and took the money. Whilst Newcastle themselves were in a relegation scare position, we were in much better shape than QPR.

However Remy joined up with QPR back in January, and every player, manager and fan knows, the transition from a League abroad to the Premier League can be quite daunting on a foreign player. Of course, some come to to English top tier and blitz the place, as was the case with Cisse and Michu. For the majority though, they have a quiet season and then begin really pulling their weight once they’ve settled in. Remy however, came to England and scored 6 goals in the latter half of the season. It’s no milestone or record, but it’s nothing to scoff at. Perhaps that half season with QPR has given him a small taste of life in the Premier League, and whetted his appetite for the pace of the game here, and now if(Or when) he completes his move to Newcastle and expands our number of French players, he’ll only have to gel into his new surroundings and team mates, rather than a whole new league.

QPR were 95% sure to go down when Remy joined, and he’ll have known that once they did, he’d have his leg up on getting into a Premier League club, namely Newcastle. After all, Newcastle do not seem to give up on players easily, their recent link with Melvut Erdinc being proof.

Maybe this was Remy’s plan all along. Join QPR, earn a bit money, get settled into England, get a nice taste of the League then link up with another Premier League club once QPR(Almost inevitably) went down. Whatever his plan was, he’s just about over the line now, and it’ll be really good to finally have a senior player in.

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