One of the hardest things to do is to swallow your pride and make a massive U-turn, but let’s not have it said that your ruddy old pal Ciaran here won’t do just that.

The news this morning is that Mick Harford has turned down the opportunity of taking up the role as Joe Kinnear’s “assistant”, and while on the whole this is great news (as long as Joe has stopped his search for an assistant) I can’t help shake the feeling that, once more, the club is being made a fool of.

Here is what Mick had to say when turning us down,

“After meeting with Mike Ashley and Joe Kinnear, I made the hard decision that it is not the right time for me to take up this role.
It was an honor to be asked to work at a fantastic club, and I have the utmost respect for Newcastle United and its fans.”
I am currently enjoying a role helping out at Millwall, but would like to thank Mike Ashley and Joe Kinnear for the opportunity.”

Reading between the lines, as I tend to do, I spotted something of interest. Firstly, the discussions about Harford’s new role were held by both Mike Ashley and Joe Kinnear, assumingly, without the consent of one Alan Pardew. Does this necessarily mean that a coup d’état was underway? Not exactly, but it does serve to show the differing wavelengths that both Ashley/Kinnear and Pardew operate on.

It will be interesting to see how this situation develops in the sense that when Pardew comes back from Portugal, what will his take on Joe’s attempt to hire an assistant, will Kinnear still try to sign an assistant and will the ever fraying relationship between Director of Football and Manager survive another attempt to undermine the man supposedly in charge of first team affairs?

Like I said in my last article, this will not be the last time we hear about this situation, but I hadn’t banked on this outcome, as I thought Newcastle United were a much more interesting prospect than Millwall, and it doesn’t bode well that we couldn’t even snap up a coach from a lower league club does it? Perhaps Joe’s “legendary” powers of persuasion aren’t quite up to scratch.

If he can’t convince his buddy to join us, how the hell is he going to convince Messi? And here I was thinking Kinnear was here to save the day. Well now that bubble has burst, Harford is no longer on his way, and silly season is seemingly still in full swing, God only knows what delights the powers that be will throw at us next.

Please, just for once, can I have a positive story to write about!? Comments welcome!