Saturday’s late game included a show of two stars: Eden Hazard showed again what an outstanding talent the home side have acquired whilst Newcastle United fielded a different magician in the form of Hatem Ben Arfa. The Newcastle number 10 showed such grace on the ball throughout the entire game, something I have not seen since Peter Beardsley in the Newcastle shirt. Although a loss, his ability shined throughout the game and provided much enjoyment to the watching eye.

So let’s see where it all went wrong for us. I believe composure was the key to such a successful campaign last season this was not evident or more so drained from the players today through the nervous Steven Taylor and Vernon Anita. Early in the first half they looked as though the new look elements of the Chelsea starting line up induced much unneeded fear into the two players which had a knock-on-affect on the rest of the team.

I shouldn’t take anything away from Chelsea, Hazard bossed the game and Torres surprisingly looked a different player. They certainly looked a lot more attack minded coinciding with their home support and confidence that is flowing through the club generating from Champions League success. The future certainly looks bright for them, surely they will be title contenders this year.

On a positive note, today was my first correct score line of the season although it hurt deep inside to go with the opposing team.

By Jonathan Silman