It’s Monday folks. To the average working man or woman (oligarchs aside) that means 5 full days of work until the weekend an all of its free-time bliss arrives.

For Newcastle fans it means 5 full days of unsettling rumours, uninformed gossip, and tabloid terrorism. The weekend just passed brought with it news of a potential of a new arrival, Mick Harford who would assist Joe Kinnear by, according to The Guardian, focusing on scouting players in the lower leagues of English football, while simultaneously providing reports on our own players who are to be loaned out in these divisions. The problem arose with the backlash from the fans, which was only preceded by the negativity from the press. For whatever reason it seems to be the case that he will now not be joining the Magpie’s back room team. In an interview with Sky he has said this is because it is “not the right time” along with the usual spiel about honour and respect for fans etc.

I for one think the concept of a domestically based scout in a dual role is a smart move, Newcastle seems to have quite a threadbare scouting department, especially when compared to the global networks of some of the other clubs in our division. Despite the much publicised lack of a “grassroots” football educational system in this country, we still produce some fine players, and they’re not exclusive to Premier League clubs.

So what’s the problem? Well it seems that Kinnear with all of his worldwide football knowledge and ability to “open the door” to any manager in the world and have a conversation with them still seems entirely reliant on calling up, for lack of a better word, his mates. Had Harford joined it would have been the equivalent of bringing home your new girlfriend who you know your parents will hate, your siblings will hate and your pets will growl at as if she is the devil. Yet still you love her, nothing in the world could keep you apart, and what do they know? They’re only your fans, sorry, family…

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