Alan Pardew admits that he is unsure of his future as manager of Newcastle United Football Club.

Pardew is waiting to until the end of the season and seeing which division our fate lies in, before meeting with owner Mike Ashley to discuss his fate.

After an awful season, many fans are split on whether they want the boss to continue in his role next season regardless of whether we are a Premier League or Championship club.

“As soon as I know we’re in this division, that’s what I want to do with Mike,” Pardew told BBC Newcastle.

“He can tell me where he’s coming from and we can clear the air about how we want to take it forward.

“He could turn around and say, ‘sorry Pards, see you later and thanks very much. He could do that if we don’t make it, he could do that if we make it.

“Unfortunately for me I have to accept that decision.”

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