Newcastle are in Premier League action tomorrow when they take on Tottenham at St James’ Park and we’ve caught up with MF of Spurs Web to get his thoughts on tomorrow’s match.

We asked him a series of questions about both clubs, here’s what he had to say ahead of the big game:

It’s been a transitional season for Spurs in terms of player and manager changes. Do you think the money from Gareth Bale’s transfer has been well spent with all things considered?

Way too early to say. AVB got the best out of last year’s squad, no-one done the same with this season’s mob yet. You buy seven players it’s unlikely they’ll all click, too soon to be definitive though as I say.

Soldado hasn’t fired at all since his big money move from Valencia? Why hasn’t he scored as freely as he did in Spain? And how are you going to make money back if you sell him when he’s got such a poor scoring rate?

It’s an easier league to score goals in Spain is the main answer to your question. He’s got a bit to learn about playing in England but it’d be handy if he kept his shots down and on target. We bought him to score goals not make money on him.

AVB was turfed out of White Hart Lane after a hammering by Liverpool early in the season, was it the right decision or would the Portuguese have got the team settled and challenging for top 4 if he’d been given time?

Who knows? It sort of doesn’t matter really. AVB and Levy fell out about something a while ago by the sounds of it and it was only a matter of time before he was handed his papers. There were mitigating circumstances to the Liverpool result but for the West Ham and City losses there were no excuses.

Tim Sherwood is a totally untested new boss. Was it right to hand him the reigns? Or would a big-name appointment been more satisfactory in North London?

You can only go with what’s available obviously and I’m glad they didn’t make a rush decision on the next appointment. Sherwood was only given an 18 month contract so it’s pretty obvious that he’s seen as only minding the shop until next August.

Daniel Levy and Mike Ashley are two of the most interesting boss men at any Premier League club. What’s the general feeling towards Levy from Spurs fans?

He does tend to divide opinion a bit. Anyone old enough to remember back to Sugar and beyond is very glad that he and ENIC got involved I think, there’s a lack of patience amongst the younger set who think that (even) more money should be thrown around.

Since Sherwood became manager, he’s promoted Nabil Bentaleb into the first-team. What should we look out for in the youngster?

Lots of short safety first passing mostly. He’s young and still learning his trade. The manager’s infatuation with him slightly baffles most fans, his persistence with him is one of his biggest gambles so far.

Last time our teams met, Newcastle took the spoils with the help of a superb goalkeeping performance from Tim Krul. You’ve got a top keeper too, but can Hugo Lloris be a hindrance at times, especially with regards to his “sweeper-keeper” style?

He’s calmed down a lot since AVB departed. We’re not so high up the pitch most of the time so less dependant on his Usain Bolt impressions. He’s a good keeper – kept us in the game on Sunday.

What does everyone make of Jermaine Defoe’s decision to go to Canada and play for Toronto? Has he given up his World Cup chances?

Supporters of other sides are always baffled as to why Defoe doesn’t get more chances to play but believe me, he’s had them and not taken them. People are sad to see him go as he clearly loves the club, (he’s got his own executive box) but one Premier League goal this season is what we’ll be losing so I think we’re right to take some decent money for a 31 year old. Rooney, Sturridge, Wellbeck, Carroll…. Defoe knows he wouldn’t be going to Brazil.

If you could combine Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur, what would your starting XI be?

Ha! Remy and Sissoko would definitely get into our side and a centreback unless they’re both really dreadful. Krul possibly. Apart from that, no-one leaps out – I don’t watch you every week though remember.

Finally, a score prediction for Wednesday night?

We’ll score I suspect so the result depends on whether or not you take full advantage of our traditional slow start. Let’s go for a diplomatic 1-1.