The Europa League final is just around the corner and all Newcastle United fans including us were dreaming that we would be one of the teams which would be competing in Amsterdam on May 15th.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, but on a brighter (excuse the pun) note we wanted to share with you this fancy bit of news. Hankook Tire have made a football shirt to commemorate their sponsorship of the Europa League and they’ll be taking it to Chelsea and Benfica supporters pubs to show it off during the game. The shirt has LED lights, vibrations and pressure pads that react to the live game.

The jersey is a neat touch to add some extra glamour to the final. It has all the latest technology that reacts to the football action. Our favourite part is the inflating shoulder pads that bring the pressure based on the situation which is currently unfolding on the pitch. There’s also LED effects which light up the badge, number and even messages such as “GO” and “GOAL”, take all that and add a vibration feature to the shirt and it’s definitely the best next thing to actually being on the pitch for the Europa League final. How good would the Newcastle shirt would have looked with all of these features, it would be so cool if the players could wear a shirt like this and we could add our own messages onto it!

Check out the video below and take a look for yourself:-

Post sponsored by Hankook Tire.